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Advertising canopies, also called Promotional Demo Tents, are promotional tools for festivals, events, trade shows, exhibits, etc. They can be used indoor as well as outdoor. These printed Canopy Tents come in 2 parts – the frame and the printed flex. The designs are printed digitally on the flex.

3 things to be checked

1. Size

Make sure the size of the canopy is as required as in general there are 2 sizes which are very common in market ie.4x4x7 and 6x6x7 .where 7ft is the common  height of the canopy,the size should be as per your requirement and  the space where the canopy has to be installed as it is foldable and very easily installed by the sales guy.Make sure you take the appropriate size as all the printing on the canopy will be disturbed if there is mismatch in the size of canopy and the printing we have  made it done.

2. Quality and durability

Make sure the quality of the canopy is good enough as there are two types of rods in it,one  is aluminium rod and the other is iron rod.iron is more cheaper than the aluminium and  just check the iron rods are  powder coating so that it remains rust free and long time to be used. Also, check there is no breakage in any of the rods as canopy won’t stand properly otherwise.

3. Flex quality

This is very important as your brand is printed on it and the look and feel of the canopy is determine by the quality of flex and the printing done on it.we would recommend you to use a black back flex instead of the normal flex to get the good quality of printing and the durability of the black back flex is even more..We won’t recommend to use the more superior flex like star in canopy as it gets wrinkled and doesn’t look nice later on.

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