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5 window signage ideas

For any business that has a big window, you will have a unique way of showcasing who you are and what you do. You can even offer sales and discounts on your storefront if you decide to go with custom designed signs for your windows. Just what type of window graphic signs could you choose? The ideas are really endless depending on what you have to offer. However, for those who would like to learn more, we have several window signage ideas to consider.

5 window signage ideas

Your Logo

Showcase your logo on these windows so that your location is hard to miss. After all, you can’t attract business if customers can’t find you. So this is a very good advertisement to make your business visible outside.

5 window signage ideas


Graphics that showcase the feel. For example, TheTradeDesk in Ventura shows the Ventura Pier on the conference doors. It is a fun way to attract attention and give that local feel of being in Ventura.

5 window signage ideas


You can opt for promotional signs that really give notice of what you have to offer. Here is America’s Best Contacts & Eyeglasses ad for 2 Pairs for $69.95 with Eye Exam. Everyone that drives by sees it. If you need new glasses, you immediately know where the deal is.

Make these colorful and in line with your brand colors that match your business.


A list of services printed on the window next to the front door is a great way to let everyone know what you do. For example, a salon can have a printed list of services including cuts, coloring, and other services so people know what they can get when they come into your business.

5 window signage ideas

Coming Soon

Are you opening a new business? Are you trying to attract new tenants? Here is an example of Oakwood Communities window signage in Oxnard. Newly available space for retail or a restaurant. The photos and graphics create a vision of what could be.

Whatever you can dream up can become your window sign. There is really no limit to what can be done. For any sign you choose, always be sure to offer something of value, even if this is only a way to get your brand logo seen.

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