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Digital printing

Digital printing technology has revolutionized the traditional printing technique. With the help of this printing method, one can print digital-based images (in form of PDFs or desktop publishing files) onto different types of media substrates directly. That is to say, it does not require printing plates like the traditional printing technique. What you need to do, is just send your pdf files of the image that you want to print to the press. The Digital Printing press will print your photo on the photo paper, canvas, cardstock, fabric, synthetics, and other substrates and charge accordingly. If you are in a business, digital printing will make your advertising and promotional jobs easier and inexpensive.

Reason to choose digital printing over offset printing

Traditional printing machines require aluminum-made plates that transfer the images onto a rubber blanket. Next, the rubber blanket rolls to transfer the image on the sheet. Therefore, the process takes too much time. On the other hand, digital printing does not require plates. It directly transfers the image from pdfs files to the sheet. Therefore, the major differences between the printing with digital format and offset printing. Digital form of printing requires lesser time and amounts to complete the printing process in comparison to the traditional printing method.   

Ink used for Digital Printing

The list of the inks that are used for digital printing includes CMYK (cyan, magenta, yellow and black). Apart from that, to add different types of clear effects on the printed image gamut inks such as orange, blue, and green are also used. 

Advantages of digital printing

Nowadays people rely on digital-printing technology as it has multidimensional benefits. Let’s take a look at what type of advantages you will get if you choose digital printing –

  • Print when you want: Digital printing technology will help you to get your printed photo whenever you need it.

  • Print quantity as you wish and ensure high quality: With the help of digital printing technology, you can higher quantities as well as print lower quantities; unlike the traditional printing method. 

  • No limitation of color and graduation: With the help of a Digital Printing machine, you can add various designs to the sheet with full color and gradation.

  • Low costs: In digital printing, the costs for each printing are very less in comparison with analog printing.

  • Ink wastage: Digital printing technology reduces the wastage of inks. The inkjet printer ejects inks to the required parts of the sheets only.

  • A platform for personalization: Digital printing offers you a complete personalization experience. You can make changes to the images or message by using variable data printing (VDP) and then print it out by using digital printing.

With the help of evolving technology the quality of the printed photo from digital-printing machines has improved. Therefore, digital printing becomes the perfect and efficient alternative to traditional offset or analog printing.

When we are talking about digital printing, Lakshya Signage is the leading company in this sector. The company uses advanced digital-printing machines. The company offers a complete printing solution at a reasonable rate without compromising the quality.

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