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As there is a pandemic and all our economic system has been disturbed, so it has impacted the whole world. The hotel industry has also been a big hit as people are thinking a lot to have any outside food. Moreover, it has been difficult for Restaurants to operate at this difficult phase of time.

As the overhead expenses have not been reduced but the parties and outside food is just like banned. Even the food lovers who consistently order foods have been taking precautions as life has changed and the people are more living in a threat.

So here we had with a word with our Friend  Mr. Vikram who has a hotel business was very disturbed seeing the situation that the overheads are there but the sale is not there, moreover, every time he was having a threat that the food will go fine or not even after a lot of security measures are taken.

So we advised him a few tips that are to be taken care of during lockdown and after lockdown.

1. Safety First-Posters are to installed at the doors suggesting them to wear masks, There should be a sanitization stand that should be at the doorstep for staff and for any other delivery guy to come to take the orders. The kitchens should be having the posters outside each at every step suggesting them for a few steps that are to be taken care of every time. Floor stickers are the biggest attraction and the best way to make a social distancing. Make yourself prepare for these basic needs.

Maintain Communication With Your Guests

Even if your restaurant is currently in the worst-case scenario and is shut down due to the coronavirus, keeping your restaurant top-of-mind for guests is crucial to winning back their business when it’s time to reopen. “If you’re not communicating with me and telling me what’s going on, I think you shut down for good,” Burns says. He recommends keeping content light and entertaining to get guests excited about coming back. Share videos on your social media teaching knife skills, basic recipes, or showing a new recipe you are developing. Promote this content to your email subscribers as well to get more eyes on your message.

2. Reach Out to Vendors

Many restaurants are doing fire sales on wine, liquor, and beer, but Burns says it’s worth reaching out to your vendors to ask if they’ll take back any non-perishable products. Chances are they will be able to resell it to another merchant and you’ll get an extra bit of cash to work with. “I had a client today whose beer purveyor actually came to their restaurant and said, ‘Hey, do you have any untapped kegs or any unopened cases of beer? We’d be more than happy to take them back for you.’”

3. Keep Promoting Gift Cards

The revenue from gift cards is going to help keep you afloat with cash now without having to provide something in return until things start to get better. To sell more gift cards, look to a past promotion you’ve run (maybe Black Friday?) and offer the same or a similar deal via email or social. As Burns points out, gift card redemption is about 80% on average anyway, so the rest of those sales are pure profit.

4. Your brand and signage-Make sure that if the restaurant is not working and not generating the proper sales, still your signage and your brand needs to be absolutely fine as the person may not come for food or dine in but passing by and seeing your signage keeps a picture of your brand in the mind which can be helpful for home delivery if he wants or after the lockdown as the reputation of the brand and the standards means a lot as the person who will market himself will only be able to retain in the market.

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