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That old adage that you never get a second chance to make a first impression goes for more than just personal interaction. In fact, what your business signs are saying about your business can also be impacting your ability to bring in new customers, particularly in retail, restaurant, or walk-in business types of settings.

Most established businesses really don’t give a second thought to their sign. It is only when a new business puts up a great looking sign that they start to take a long look at what their signage looks like in comparison. At lakshya signages, we often get very well-established businesses that want to upgrade their outdoor or even indoor signs to give them a more contemporary feel.

The good news is that by replacing old signs with new designs and technology you can give your business a new look. It doesn’t have to be drastically different and often just enhancing and updating both the technology and the design of the sign is all that is required.

A Cleaner Look

Today, iconic types of business signs are not the busy, overwhelming type of Las Vegas-style signage that was very popular in the 1980s and onward. Today’s signs tend to be unique, creative, and brand, creating an impression of the business that is consistent with the corporate message.

Streamlined and sleek, minimal, and iconic, or more elaborate or retro, we have the ability to upgrade your current sign design to make something that is perfect to capture your business message and brand while also creating interest.

Today’s signs can incorporate a much wider range of images, colors, designs, and styles, and they are very different than those old neon types of signs that were so popular a couple of decades ago.

An iconic, modern look to your sign doesn’t mean you have to leave your current design behind. In fact, at Dave’s Signs, we will talk to you and get a good understanding of the design elements of your current sign we need to keep, and then we can create a new and upgraded look around those classic elements.

The New Factor

Have you ever walked by a store or a business multiple times and never really been curious or noticed the store? There are customers right now that do that when walking by your business, particularly if you have been in the same location for years.

Our new business signs will pique interest in your retail outlet, restaurant or business, and create the interest and buzz that will bring in new customers. It can also be a great way to remind your current customers you are a growing business, something that is always a positive when it comes to bringing customers through the doors.

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