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Vinyl Durability:

Economy Grade Vinyl – Great price and quality product. Economy Grade Vinyl is digitally printed with a weather-resistant ink and is rated to last up to 3 years outdoors. Indoors, though, this high-quality vinyl can last for decades. To help the vibrant colors printed last as long as possible outdoors, just remember to gently clean with mild soapy water only and here’s why. The economy grade vinyl is produced without a protective clear coat. So you want to avoid using common household spray cleaners because the chemicals could wash off some of the ink over time. Of course, one of the key advantages to choosing the Economy Grade Vinyl is the starting price point. So when you’re looking for the lowest price, the Economy Grade is the perfect place to start.

Standard Grade Vinyl – Durable, scratch resistance, and UV protection. Standard Grade Vinyl is not only a higher quality grade of vinyl than the economy level, it also has the added protection of the Dura-Shield Clear Protective Laminate. This clear, protective coating improves abrasion and scratch resistance, provides UV protection, makes cleaning the sign easy and maintains the vinyl’s original appearance and color. The Standard Grade Vinyl is rated to last for up to 5 years outdoors. If you are going to be using vinyl on a company vehicle or storefront glass window, you might want to consider upgrading to the Standard Grade. Because of it’s more durable components and Dura-Shield, it’s the ideal choice for these applications where the vinyl will be exposed to elements and harsh conditions.

Premium Grade Vinyl – Give your vinyl an extra boost of protection. Premium Grade Vinyl is a high-performance vinyl with an added premium protective laminate coating. It is one of the most consistently reliable vinyl products in the sign industry. The Premium Grade Vinyl is used together with a clear protective laminate. This combination provides exceptional, long-term durability with a rating of up to 7 years outdoors. This is often the vinyl used by the government and military.

Ultra-Premium Grade Vinyl – Extended durability for your vinyl. Ultra-premium vinyl is rated to last up to 10 years outdoors. It is our most durable vinyl material. With extreme scratch and fade resistance, Ultra-Premium Grade Vinyl will withstand the elements far longer than any other grade of vinyl. This is the best choice for any outdoor vinyl you want to last an extended period of time. Ultra-Premium Grade Vinyl is the top choice for vehicle lettering and graphics. If your signage may be exposed to extreme hot or cold climate conditions, salty water conditions, cleaners, or any other chemicals or if you simply want the best vinyl the sign industry has to offer, you can’t go wrong with the Ultra-Premium Grade Vinyl.

Reflective Grade Vinyl – Keep advertising even after the sun goes down. The Reflective Grade vinyl is another type of Premium Grade Vinyl and is rated for up to 7 years outdoors. This is the same type of reflective vinyl you may see on stop signs or interstate signs. However, instead of plain design with simple text, we can print and laminate any design you want, including full-color photos or logos, with this same reflective effect.

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