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The main point of having a backlit sign outside your business is to attract the attention of prospective clients or customers. Regardless of whether you’re a well-established business with a recognizable brand or a young business wanting to make its mark, it’s crucial that you focus on having the right type of signage outside your business. This backlit Carving Board sign below looks great at night!

But what happens when, your commercial establishment is located in a setting that has a number of other businesses as well? In such situations, it becomes all the more important for you to make sure that your storefront looks distinctive, and makes an impact. Check out this backlit sign we did for TCB.

Backlit Signs- The Advantages

One of the best ways to do this is to get backlit signs for your property. Let’s take a look at why these are so advantages:

  • They attract attention– When you choose to get backlit signs installed as part of your storefront display, it helps cut through the uniformity in your immediate surroundings and grabs attention. Not only is the viewer attracted to the unique sign, but it will also hold their attention long enough for them to consume the message on the signs.
  • Versatile– While many businesses install backlit signs above their storefront, these features are also extremely versatile. They can be installed at any indoor or outdoor location, as part of your overall advertising strategy. You can also use these signs at trade fairs and other venues where you want to reach a wider audience. Check out this backlit sign we made for Red Brick Pizza.
  • Backlit flex board– These are very helpful for the companies who do not want to invest too much on the Acp signages as the cost is high, so for them, this is very good signage which can be given to the retailers who provide them good business hence letting them to built the retailer trust towards the brand.

The simple fact is that an outdoor sign will be functional only is only if it stands out and looks distinctive and that’s exactly what backlit signs do. For information on these and other outdoor signage, feel free to call Lakshya signages, or reach us at

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